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10 SEO Tactics to Improve Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO work together to use target keywords to reach an audience. Utilizing proper SEO tactics will allow content to increase visibility and drive website traffic. Here are 10 SEO tactics that can help improve content marketing performance.


10 SEO Tactics to Improve Content Marketing

Create Unique Posts

Creating unique posts is an important part of content marketing and SEO. A unique post not only serves to draw in reader engagement, but it can also help to set a website apart from the competition. When creating posts, consider weaving in fresh research and insights, as well as linking to industry leaders in the field.

To create an effective post, ensure that the tone and topic are tailored to the target readership. This can include using visuals such as videos, infographics, and images. Be sure to also optimize each post with keywords and phrases to help capture the right readers.

Finally, when aiming to create unique posts, keep the content relevant and up-to-date, and use a variety of formats such as blog posts, listicles, interviews, and how-tos. Doing this will help keep readers coming back for more.
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Optimize Headlines

Headlines are the first thing your audience will see, so they should be optimized for both content value and search. Crafting effective headlines is a bit of an art form, and there are 10 SEO tactics that can help you create headlines that will both engage and inform your audience and help to improve your content marketing.

Start by utilizing targeted keywords that are most relevant to your content. This will help your content get indexed for search queries related to your message. You should also make sure that you use action words that convey urgency and suspense. Additionally, working in numbers can be helpful, as readers are likely to be more drawn to headlines that offer a specific number of tactics, ideas, or tips.

Finally, consider the character count of your headlines – search engines favor shorter headlines that are easy to display in the search engine results pages (SERPs). By including these tactics in your content marketing campaigns, you can ensure that your headlines will be optimized for both your readers and search.

Research & Utilize Keywords

Research and utilizing keywords is an important part of effective SEO tactics. Keywords help readers find your content more quickly and accurately, and can also help boost your ranking on search engine results.

Start by researching the keywords in your niche that are most relevant to your content. Aim for search terms your target audience would most commonly use. Think about both broad terms and long-tail options, as well as exact matches that appear in your content.

Utilizing those keywords helps ensure your content is indexed and ranked properly by the search engine spiders. Be sure to create natural, reader-friendly content that includes relevant keywords in the body, title, and URL.

The meta description is also a great place to include focus keywords - it’s the snippet of text that appears beneath your link in Google searches and should clearly summarize what readers can expect to find in your content.

With some careful keyword research , you can reap the SEO benefits of your content marketing efforts.

Focus on Quality Content

Focus on Quality Content: Quality content is one of the most important elements of successful content marketing. Without high quality content, it will be difficult to engage your audience and retain their interest. Therefore, it’s essential that you create more content that is unique, informative, and helpful. While quantity is important, it is even more important that your content is of high quality.

Additionally, any content should be accurate and timely. Establishing yourself as a trusted source of information that is up-to-date and verifiable is key to gaining and retaining the trust of your audience. Invest time into ensuring your content is accurate, comprehensive, and well-written—as it may be shared across multiple platforms. Taking the time to focus on quality content will help you generate more engagement and ultimately improve your content marketing efforts.

Increase Time on Page

Time on page is an important metric to consider when it comes to content marketing. It's a good indication of how engaged readers are with your content and measure of success. Here are some tactics to increase time on page:

- Keep headlines catchy and relevant to content.

- Utilize images, videos and other types of media to make content more interactive.
- Split long articles into several smaller ones so readers can digest content in manageable chunks.
- Optimize content for readability. Clear and concise language keeps readers engaged.
- Include internal links to other quality content.
- Include visuals such as infographics.
- Break content into small paragraphs.
- Encourage readers to interact with content such as polls and quizzes.
- Use storytelling to make content more entertaining.
- Use calls to action to encourage readers to explore other content.
- Update content regularly to keep it fresh and topical.

Optimize Images

Optimizing images for SEO can have a major impact on content marketing. Search engines are not able to index an image’s content on its own, so it is important for marketers to provide context for images with descriptive titles, captions, and alternative text (alt text). Not only does this help a search engine crawl images, but it also boosts relevancy within a user’s query. Alt text is used by screen-reading software to provide detailed information on images and graphics to users with visual impairments.

Images with larger file sizes can slow down page loading times and lead to a decrease in user engagement. It is important to reduce an image’s file size before uploading to the website. Several free tools, such as Compressor.io, can be used to reduce the size of the image without compromising quality.

Lastly, use a keyword phrase in the image’s file name to increase SEO value. Optimizing images for SEO will help content marketing strategies reach their potential by increasing visibility and search engine crawlability.

Link internally

Link internally whenever and wherever possible. This is a key SEO tactic for improving content marketing, as it reinforces the relevance of the content within a website and helps search engines to understand the website's content better. Utilizing internal links also helps to optimize the website’s architecture, while creating a better experience for the user. When used holistically, internal link building can drastically improve website performance, strengthen the website’s information architecture, and give more control over the navigation of the website’s content. It can also improve user navigation through the website and help the search engine better understand the relationship between the webpages. To accomplish this, use anchor texts that provide context to the user, be concise, and include keyword-rich anchor texts that are relevant to your content.

Link externally

Make sure to add external links whenever possible. Linking out to other related content on authoritative websites will help to show readers that your content is credible and increase their chances of staying on your website. External links also broaden readers' understanding of your topic and can be used to create further opportunities for SEO by creating link-backs to your website. To get the most out of external links, make sure they are relevant to the topic at hand and come from authoritative domains. Additionally, use linking best practices such as including the full URL and using relevant keywords.

Promote Content

Promoting content is a hugely important aspect of content marketing. It can involve anything from leveraging existing networks to paid advertisements on different platforms. Promoting content should be done early in the life of a post, as the more exposure it receives the more likely it will be to attract more attention and performance.
Social media can play an important role in promoting content. Building relationships, engaging in conversations and sharing content are all important elements of successful social media promotion.
Using influencers is another great way to promote content. Inviting influencers from a specific niche to read and share posts is a great way to gain exposure and reach a new audience.
Creating high-quality content gives it a better chance of being featured and shared, which will help boost its visibility. Writing compelling headlines and meta descriptions can also help to increase traffic to a post and drive conversions.
Organic SEO is also a great way to promote content, as optimizing content around keywords can help to increase website traffic and get more eyes on a post. By following best practices for SEO, content can be more easily found by the target audience.
Finally, utilizing services like Google Ads and Bing Ads can help to target users more specifically and drive more quality traffic to a post. Paying for advertising can help get a post in front of the right people in a shorter amount of time.

Audit Content Regularly

Auditing content regularly is essential in content marketing. Reviewing your content and determining which pages draw the most traffic, what content resonates with readers, and which topics are most popular will help you to optimize SEO and create more effective content. Additionally, keeping track of content performance and updating older content can help to keep readers engaged and improve click-through rate. By taking the time to audit and refresh your content with SEO best practices, you can grow your business and attract more visitors.


These 10 tactics for SEO can help improve content marketing performance by driving website traffic and increasing visibility. From creating unique posts to linking externally, these tactics can help engage audiences and increase brand visibility.
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