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Adding and Managing Your Products

Adding and managing the products in your E-commerce is important in order for your visitors to view the available products and purchase from you.

To add products:

  1. In the Editor, click on Pages.
  2. Locate your E-commerce page and click on the Edit button next to it.
  3. In the Catalog tab, you can categorize your products into different groups. Read more about Managing Your E-commerce Categories and Subcategories.
  4. Click on the All Products tab to view all your products.
  5. To add a new product, click the +Add New Product button, and under the General tab, enter the relevant details:
    • Product Info - add the product's Name, Description, and Category. You can add a Ribbon which will display as a banner on the product image.
    • If you're selling a Digital File, switch the option to ON and upload the file.
    • Images and Videos - upload images/videos from your computer, our image & video library, YouTube/Vimeo or external sources. You can also adjust the image focus point. 
    • Price - set the Price of the product, and choose if you want to list it On Sale. Read more about Setting Currency and Payment Methods.
    • Additional Info - add a Stock Keeping Unit to refer to the particular stock keeping unit of that product, Brands or vendors that make the product, Extra Description (read more about The Advanced Editor Toolbar).
    • Use the Custom SEO tool to set custom meta tags.

Additional product tools:

  1. Under the Related Products tab, you can choose between showing products from the same categories or from all products:
    • Set it as Auto, where the system will decide for you and try to find products from the same categories related to this product. If the system does not find products in that category, it will show products from all parts of the website. 
    • Set it as Custom and select which products to show.
    • Set it as Off and no related products will show on this product.

  2. Under the More tab:
    • Set the Minimum and Maximum amount purchase of the product per order.
    • Set the product as Non-taxable.
    • Enable the Bought Together option and assign products.
    • Enable F.A.Q. for the product and add questions.
    • Replace the Add to Cart button and set it as a "Contact Us" type, or set it to Redirect to an External URL and add an external link where you sell products. It's a great way to direct your visitors to purchase from your affiliate links!

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