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7 Rules to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Learn here how to improve your marketing email open rates. Getting users to open and read your emails is essential. Improve your email marketing today!

You’re struggling to see an increase of your email open rates and maybe it's because your email list is new and you haven’t had the opportunity to improve your rates, or you’ve been building your list for years and the returns are diminishing.

Whatever the case may be, these are two of the many factors that lead to lower email open rates. You want to have more clicks and of course, more revenue, but let’s look at 7 ways you may be able to turn things around.


7 Rules to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Create A Killer Subject Line

A subject line is one of the most pivotal aspects of your email. It's the first impression; that make-or-break moment where the moth is lured to the flame.

If you take a good look at the emails you get on a daily basis, filter out those onesthat you don’t actually read. We’re creatures of curiosity and if something doesn’t grab our attention, we’ll more than likely give it a pass and drop it in the recycle bin.

Anyone who says that email marketing is dead needs to think again. The time to stand out with this form of marketing is as imperative as social media presence is.

Much like captions on social media posts, emails need a crafty subject line to get someone to read it. Let’s look at some variables that you may want to consider:
  • Think of your brand and who your target audience is. Now take that and personalize it. Make it sound like you are there to have a chat, not throw a sales pitch.
  • Keep it short and simple...shorter than a Tweet-short.
  • Go easy on punctuation and exclamations points (that includes uppercase text) - you don’t want to create the impression that you are SCREAMING!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Inspire curiosity and a slight sense of urgency.
  • Power words are required to ellicit emotion.
  • Personalization is key!
The power of an impressive subject line is boundless, but when you’re getting it wrong, you may tarnish your reputation as a brand or business.
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Figure Out Your Frequency

Implementing a digital marketing strategy requires your goals and objectives to be clear and attainable. Now you have to ask yourself: “What is the major priority of this email campaign?”

If you are looking to maximize website traffic, then you may want to send out at least one email per day. But if you are reliant on maximizing your open rates, more may not be the way out.

Your audience will always have an ideal rate of consumption when it comes to your email content. There is only so much they can absorb before it becomes redundant, so one must always consider this aspect.

Some people might be happy to hear from you, while others only want what you are offering twice, or even once a month. If your email packs a punch and gets you visitors, subscribers or revenue, you can get away with one email a month.

But no case is the same and this is where you need to test the waters...But just be sure that you’ve crafted memorable and meaningful content.
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Re-Engagement Renegade

Sometimes people will forget about your brand and what you are all about. Don’t let it get to you. The marketplace is insanely crowded and people tend to hop from one trend to the next.

You should always be ready to sit down and look at those who no longer open your emails. These are the ones that are dragging down your overall open rate, which damages your click-through-rate.

We’re talking about a slight weeding out, not a click-and-delete spree that takes about 25% of your list away. But you may do so after you’ve crafted a strategic email to win their hearts over once again.

Consider a few of these tactics to reignite the fire:
  • Give your readers something that incentivizes them.
  • Make use of preview text and emojis.
  • If you’ve made any changes to your business, let your readers and subscribers in on it.
  • Think about a respectful and humorous way for them to opt-out; if that’s what they want - this strategy will almost always get them back on track.
  • Create a special feeling that feels curated and crafted especially for them.
  • Imaging and visuals (or GIFs) with minimal text will work really well too.
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Be The Water

In short, don’t send emails you wouldn’t want to receive. With a string of low-value emails, you can easily ruin your open rate in no time. Creating and sending emails that people would want to read is one way to maintain a good email open rate.

Landing on people’s radar and lists should be a priority and to be actively sought out means you are doing it right. Your content should actively improve their lives or the way they do business. If you can create email content that no-one wants to miss out on, you are headed in the right direction.

Consistency is key, but so is quality. Plan ahead, play with ideas, and see what else is going on in your marketplace. Hop on the trend wagon if you must, but keep things 100% true to your brand or business.

This includes using a domain email address that shows you’re a professional who likely has something of value to say.

But, it also will keep you out of that spam filter.
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Don’t Buy Email Lists

Email service providers will not allow for the use of purchased or rented email lists. The chances that your emails will end up in spam are actually much higher; there are also instances where your emails may be reported as abuse.

When we consider bounce rates in this case, they are definitely higher, but your open rates are often very low. The risks exceed the advantages, so skip this altogether. An organic approach is what will work for you. Rely on developed marketing strategies to generate content that will help you acquire subscribers.
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Settle For The Segment

Aiming to increase your open rates, you need a solid understanding of who you are writing to. This will make it much easier for you to craft catchy subject lines which helps with your engagement levels.

Another method to ensure good email open rates is to segment your list of subscribers. By doing this, you’ll create tags based on the behavior of your subscribers. Once a subscriber becomes a paid customer, they’ll receive emails of a different format.

You may also narrow things down by segmenting your emails based on demographics and/or interests and types of products your subscriber has purchased.
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Be Real

Creating a personal connection with you as the sender is something a recipient will be responsible for once they decide to open your emails. If you want to avoid landing in someone’s spam folder, you need to add that personal touch to what you do. Your emails must look like they come from a person and not a company.

Another thing you may want to consider is to keep things light and humorous. The reading experience will be a memorable one, so take the chance to play around with words that strike a chord with your subscribers.
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Email marketing is a part of your overall strategy that can reap amazing benefits if done right. The work you put into creating your email list is how you can maintain the growth of your subscribers. To improve your open rates, your lists must be consistent and uniquely catered to those who fall within your target market.
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