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Adding Cincopa to Your Website

Cincopa lets you enhance your website with fully custom video portals, podcasts, photo slideshows, and more.

To add Cincopa:

  1. In the Editor, click on Pages.
  2. Click on the +Add New Page button at the top.
  3. Type in "Cincopa" in the search bar and click on it to add it to your website.
  4. Locate your Cincopa page in the Editor and click on the Edit button next to it.
  5. In the following window, in the Application ID field, you will need to add a code snippet from the code Cincopa gives you to embed in your website. It is a unique verification code. 
  6. Go to your Cincopa account to get the code.
  7. Insert the code and click Save. 
  8. You can check out the Video Tutorial for more help.

Cincopa Video Promotion

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