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The SEO Adviser Tool

This tool will help you understand what are the necessary actions you need to do to boost your website’s SEO.

To go to the SEO Adviser tool:

  1. Go to your website's Dashboard
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Select SEO Adviser.
  4. In the Main tab, you can see the status of all the relevant topics for the audit. These are the available tools:

    • Homepage Meta Tags - these tags are the title and description of your Homepage, which is what people will see on the search engine results when they search for your website. You can also add Meta Tags for every page on your website. Read more about Editing Your Website Meta Tags to Improve SEO.

    • Sitemap - the Sitemap is the way search engines find all your pages on the website.
       Connect Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) and submit your sitemap to allow quick indexing of your website.
      To find your Sitemap, in the Editor, click on Pages. Locate your Home page and click on the Gear Icon next to it and select SEO.

    • Unique Domain - websites that have their own domain name will get a lot more traffic than websites that use only a sub-domain. Read more about Why Do You Need a Custom Domain Name.

    • Favicon - it's a small image that will appear next to your search results when people will search for your website online. It will also appear in the browser, next to your website's URL, which will give a unique identity to your website and brand. Read more about Uploading Your Website Favicon.

  5. In the SEO Pages - Audit tab, you can submit tests and see if your SEO is optimal for search results.
    During the audit process, the tool will scan your website pages and show the website's overall score, scan date, the number of pages scanned, the total of passed tests, and failed tests. For each page on your website, the tool will show which tests it passed, Main Focus Keywords, and what you need to edit to pass the remaining tests. You can edit the SEO of the page directly from the tool by clicking on the Manage button.

  6. In the 301 Redirects tab, you can redirect visitors and search engines to a different URL than the one they originally typed into their browser or selected from search engine results. Read more about The Redirect 301 Tool.

Please note: 

  • Click on Publish to update your site with any changes made in the tool.
  • The SEO Adviser Tool is available for all users, but for websites that do not have a Gold Package, the SEO Audit will scan only 3 pages.
  • After performing a new audit scan, an email with the summary will be sent to the website owner.
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